Fine Leather Craftsmenship

MacGregor and Michael have an international reputation as designers and makers of fine, high quality hand-stitched leather goods.

We have been designing and making leather goods for over 40 years. We are not a factory, but a workshop based in the English countryside, where everything is made by hand.  A good deal of our time is spent seeking out producers of lovely leathers, strong lining fabrics, well finished metal fittings and the very best threads. We do this to ensure that our products are made from the very highest standard materials available.
We sometimes work with other artisans, collaborating on designs or commissioning pieces for a specific project.
The techniques we use have been tried and tested over time. Hand stitching is strong. Finishing cut edges with burnishing, protects the stitches thereby extending the life of the item. Small leather goods and bags made from skins may require the edges to be turned or bound so careful judgements are made about thicknesses and stitch size to ensure strength is not compromised.

Visitors to our shop can buy or order from the range on display. We have recently re-opened Wednesday – Saturday from 11 am to 4 pm. We maintain covid safety measures which include,  only 2 people at any time within the shop, mask wearing is compulsory as well as the use of sanitising  hand gel on arrival. For more information please contact us

If a visit is not possible, then please contact us by phone or email with your order/commission/ enquiry. Thank you.

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